Sand Shot Tip

Sand Shot Tip… how to handle a buried lie

Here`s a real helpful golf sand shot tip from Bobby Eldridge, the head pro at PurePoint Golf, #1 golf instruction resource.

At some point, all of us had the problem of a buried lie in the sand!

Well, in the video below, Bobby explains exactly how to hit the buried sand shot and does it in under 3 minutes.

He explains, that what we need to do is understand how the bounce on the sand wedge works and use it to our advantage instead of it working against us. In normal sand shots, you don`t want the sand wedge to dig but in a buried lie the bounce works against us. You want the sand wedge to dig and pop the ball out of the bunker.

Bobby, as usual, does an excellant job of explaining the golf tip very simply and clearly. You will be able to take this sand shot tip straight to the golf course today. If it`s not snowing where you are!

Enjoy the video, again under 3 minutes.

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