Online Golf Putting Lesson

Online Golf Putting Lesson

Here is real handy and short … under two minutesonline golf putting lesson from Bobby Eldridge, head pro at PurePoint Golf.

In the video, Bobby explains the importance of keeping your shoulders square ,parallel, to your target line in your putting stance. Bobby also explains the affect of having your shoulders open or closed.

Not having your shoulders square can lead to pushes or pulls, as you will see in the video.

After watching the video, you probably will be able to pick some little flaws in your putting set up and, with Bobby`s help, be able to correct them easily.

Bobby always does a good job of explaining why you are doing things in your golf swing, chipping, putting etc and not just dictating that “this is the way that it is done”. He provides real sound logic as to why problems will occur if you don`t get set up properly.

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