Moe Norman Golf Instruction Review

 Golf InstructionMoe Norman golf instruction review... learn how to hit the golf ball dead straight!Here`s what is said about Moe Norman in wikipedia…

Murray Irwin “Moe” Norman (July 10, 1929 – September 4, 2004) was a Canadian professional golfer. He was widely considered the best ball striker who ever lived. His accuracy, his ability to hit shot after shot perfectly straight, gave him the nickname “pipeline moe”.

Moe Norman golf instruction review… here`s a video of Moe`s golf swing. As you will see it is very different but got great results.

Moe Norman Golf Instruction Review

Here are some Moe Norman golf instruction tips from a Golf Digest article…

Below are some of Moe’s gems for hitting the ball with accuracy.

“Quiet hands through the swing. ‘Fingers are fast, fingers are fast, palms are calm, palms are calm.’ Moe said to hold the club in the palms of your hands, not in the fingers.

“Wide stance. He [keeps] his feet on the ground as long as possible, thereby ensuring the clubhead will travel as far along the line as possible and not turn over. Moe wants the sensation of the ball on the clubhead all the way through impact. His feet roll, but they do not lift.” Schiffman’s note: This reminds me of what Jack Grout taught a young Jack Nicklaus. For the first year of Nicklaus’ golfing life, Grout had him roll his ankles back and through. Only later did he lift his left heel off the ground.

“Ball position. Moe plays the ball off his left heel because he’s thinking of tearing through it and down the target line. He puts the club 14 inches behind the ball.

“Downswing. Moe begins his downswing with a move of his left knee forward, still keeping his feet flat on the ground. His arms drop into the ‘slot,’ all of 21 inches, as Moe says. His knees separate as his left knee moves forward. He appears to be squatting slightly to the ball, as Sam Snead did. At the same time, he has created clubhead lag. “Impact. Moe creates an extremely long ‘flat spot’ at the bottom of his swing. Moe feels his hands are still square to the target 22 inches past the ball.”

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Moe Norman golf instruction review was definitely different but as we said before… he got great results!

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