How Do You Determine Your Golf Grip Pressure

Determining Ideal Golf Grip Pressure…

How do you determine how much grip pressure to apply?

Some teachers recommend gripping the club as if you were holding a small bird in the palms of your hands. Since few people have actually done that, that scenario might not work for everyone.

Here`s another approach to determining the ideal grip pressure.

Below are 6 steps to finding the ideal grip pressure:

* Check your grip first
* Raise the club vertically

* Let it slide down

* Firm up your grip

* Lower your club horizontally

* Place it behind the ball

Maintaining just enough grip pressure throughout your swing helps you swing smoothly and rhythmically.

Check your grip before you address the ball to determine if you are holding the club correctly. Now, raise the club vertically. When the club`s vertical, release grip pressure until the club slides down through your fingers. That`s obviously too little pressure. But it`s a starting point.

Next, grip the club and raise it vertically again. This time apply just enough pressure to prevent the club from sliding through your fingers, but no more. Now, lower the club horizontally. This move increases grip pressure to the level you should use when swinging the club. Finally, lower the club to the ground. Your grip tightens naturally as you lower the club. And you should feel most of the pressure in the last three fingers of your bottom hand, especially the little finger.

That`s your ideal grip pressure. Try maintaining this pressure during your swing.

Apply too little grip pressure and you lose your grip and maybe the club. But strangling the club is just as bad. It prevents your hands and wrists from doing their jobs. It also causes you to tense you arms and body, destroying your swings rhythm. Use the technique above to determine your ideal grip press and you?ll find yourself with a more fluid, more rhythmic swing.

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