Golf Trouble Shots Basics

Golf Trouble Basics… here are golf tips on how to hit below or over obstacles in front of you.

In this video, Bobby Eldridge, head teaching professional at PurePoint Golf, gives us excellent advice on the proper golf setup to keep the ball low or hit it high to avoid obstacles in front of us.

Bobby has been teaching for quite a few years and has a calm and very easy to follow way of teaching the different aspects of the game of golf. Here`s Bobby with his golf tips…

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your golf ball to go under or over a tree, you’ll want to watch this video by We share some very good pointers on how to go under, over or around obstacles like trees, rough and more.

Golf Trouble Shot Basics


Golf Trouble Shot Basics… great advice from Bobby. Check back regularly to see many great golf tips from Bobby and other to teaching professionals.

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