Golf Tips-Tips Tricks Enhance Golf Game

Golf Swing TipsSome golf tips from Amazon to start off the new year!

Golf Tips-Tips Tricks Enhance Golf Game

Golf: 36 Tips and Tricks To Help Enhance Your Game of Golf (Golf Strategies, Golf Swing, Golf Tips, Putting, Chipping, Pitching)

Better Your Golf Game Now!

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Whether you’re struggling to break 90 or a single handicapper, this book should be able to help your game by giving you proven strategies that the pros are using to help their game day in and day out.

I know golf can be really frustrating, that is why I have dedicated the past 10 years of my life helping people improve their game of golf. I have come across students ranging from all skill levels and I have helped all of them improve their game and enjoy the game of golf a bit better.

Some of the golf tips that you will learn in this book are:

Using the correct equipment
Having correct form
Importance of a proper back swing
The all important down swing
Tips on how to drive better
Tips on how to increase your driving distance
Improving your mental game
Importance of a pre-shot routine
And a whole lot more!

Start Improving Now By Applying The Tips Mentioned”

Don’t waste any more time! Hit the driving range after you read this book and for sure you will see some improvement right away!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

As your game gets better, you can look back at this book and use it as a reference guide so you can constantly get better!

Here`s a couple of reviews:

1)Great tips for beginners like me. I have to confess that I haven’t taken golf seriously, that’s the reason why I’m not at the level I would dream to be. While reading this book I was aware of many mistakes that I’ve been doing over the time and know that I just noticed it I will try to improve them for sure. Best thing of the book is that it explains the basic with a not complicated tone, which makes easier to catch what the author is trying to say. Is a great option for those who are just starting into Golf.

2)Being fascinated with golf, I understood the need to learn the basics and the tricks to improve. The sad part is I dont have the luxury of time to practice. This book saves me a lot of time to improve that skill. It has a lot of techniques to offer that will surely tremendously help every player. Considering the lessons to avoid injuries and when to hit the ball right. Know the mental part of the game, common golfing mistake and a lot more.

Golf: 36 Tips and Tricks To Help Enhance Your Game of Golf (Golf Strategies, Golf Swing, Golf Tips, Putting, Chipping, Pitching)


Happy new year, I hope these golf tips help!

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