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Golf Swing TipsHere is where you can get some real good golf tips for beginners, only 1% of golfers know these.Actually, you will learn some excellent golf tips no matter what your level of golf is!

Jon Barrett, a 37 year old amateur golfer and author of Golf Swing Eureka, stumbled onto an amazing golf swing secret he cut his average round of golf by 30 shots!

It cost him over $1400, his cost not yours, to make these discoveries. Some have never been seen in print before.

It’s been said that this instruction, golf tips for beginners, is presented in the easiest to understand format. You will discover what really makes the difference to an amateur golfer and join the 1% of golfers who swing like a pro.

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Here are more golf tips for beginners from Amazon (Kindle).

Golf Tips For Beginners: Learn How to Play Golf, the Rules of Golf, and Other Golf Tips for Beginners [Kindle Edition]
Jim Stonich (Author)

Book Description:

Publication Date: November 24, 2014

If you’re new to the game of golf and are looking for an easy to read crash course, then this book is for you!

Golf is unique in that it is a solitary sport. In competitive golf, another player’s performance will have absolutely no effect on your performance and vice versa. In even the most elite of high-profile golf competitions, all golfers are ultimately competing against no one other than themselves. This is why it’s important, as you learn and grow in the game, to play within your own capability.

One of the most frequent and preventable mistakes that golfers make at every skill level is attempting to emulate or keep up with their peers. If you’re just beginning to play, don’t expect (or try) to become a golf pro overnight. Instead, just focus on accepting your game for what it is and gradually steering yourself towards excellence. Good golfing is patient golfing.

This ebook is designed to be a beginner’s guide to the basics of golf. It won’t turn you into Tiger Woods, but it will certainly prevent you from seeming clueless or having to ask embarrassing questions on the course. By the end of this book, you’ll know what clubs to use, how to hold them, the rules of the game, how the scoring system works, and important golf etiquette. Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Is Golf the World’s Simplest Game?
Golfing, Where to Begin
Calling the Shots
The Right Course
Prim and Proper
The Language of the Golf Score
More Rules
Much, much more!

Hope you enjoy these golf tips for beginners!

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