Golf Swing Training

Golf Swing Training… proper set up to relieve strain on lower back

A poor golf set up can hinder any chance of a good golf swing and even worse cause lower back pain. Today, we are going to take a look at some quick and easy to follow golf swing training tips.

Below is a short golfing tips video, under two minutes, that can be real helpful in getting you into the proper golf set up so that you are not putting any undo strain on our lower back and improve your chance of a correct golf swing.

The video instructor is Mike Pedersen, from Perform Better Golf. Mike does a real good job of explaining the effects of not getting into the proper golf set up position and the benefits of a proper spine angle.

After watching the video, you will readily see the mistakes that quite a few of us make that cause a poor golf swing, loss of power and undo strain on the lower back. I don`t know about you but, as I get older, I have a tendency for more back issues. 

These videos will certainly help me to maintain good golf posture and keep the lower back strain to minimum.

Enjoy the video…

Perform Better Golf

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