Golf Swing Tips-What Powers the Golf Swing?

Golf Swing Tips-What Powers the Golf Swing?

Here is an excellent explanation of power in the golf swing by Paul Wilson.
Paul says:
 In this video you’ll find out where the power comes from in your golf swing. This is not like other golf tips that have you working on holding your lag angle or swinging as hard as you can as you’re driving the ball.
This swing tip explains that the power isn’t solely coming from the hands and arms. You have to also learn how to your body to power your swing. Once you do you will see that the combination of the whipping action from your hands and arms connected with the rotational speed of the body can produce shots with more power than you can imagine. 

I know there are people out there who think don’t need your legs in your golf swing. In some instruction they try to prove their point by getting down on their knees and hitting a ball. In these golf tips they explain that they can hit great shots without using the lower body. This is true. You can hit good shots off your knees but you can hit better shots if you use your legs.
Although the hands and arms are responsible for creating the whipping action of the club, they have to be connected to something. This something is your body that is turning. Don’t believe me? Try hitting a ball without turning your shoulders. If you did you couldn’t hit it anywhere. So we have to turn our shoulders in the golf swing. If this is the case we should be trying to turn the shoulders as fast as we can. This is done by using your legs. 
Golf Swing Tips-What Powers the Golf Swing?

Golf Swing Tips-What Powers the Golf Swing?

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