Golf Swing Stretching Tips

Helpful Golf Stretching Tips…

Below is a video of Mike Pedersen, Perform Better Golf, and his student Morrie.

Mike has put a series together that he calls… Monday`s With Morrie...where he is working with Morrie to improve his golf game.

Mike is working with Morrie in a 10 week golf swing transformation.

Morrie started out at a 33 handicap, driving the ball 155 yards. He’s dropped 12-14 strokes and is hitting it 15 yards further.

He has 2 replaced knees and is 67 years old.

In this video, Mike helps Morrie with his stretching and offers some really simple suggestions on how to increase his range of motion. By using some common training aids, Mike shows Morrie very clearly how he can gain some extra distance.

I hope you like the video. I know I enjoyed watching and picked a few new tips.

You can subscribe to the whole series and get Mike Pedersen`s stretching tips at…Perform Better Golf.

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