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Golf Swing Analysis… here is a golf tip from golf instructor Peter Norwood. It`s simple yet so true.Peter suggests that we “play golf” not “play golf swing”. He is so right. Most us get so rapped up in the golf swing analysis that we forget what we are actually doing.

Below is Peter`s bio plus an excerpt from his play golf vs play golf swing article.

Peter Norwood has developed one of the strongest teaching backgrounds in the country. Peter traveled the United States for a decade working and learning under many of the best instructors in the world. Peter developed his knowledge for the game of golf in the same manner as other experts develop knowledge in their fields. His knowledge comes from learning under top experts in his field and from years researching and studying top golfers.

Golf Swing Analysis?

Many individuals becoming so immersed in technique I would describe them as playing golf swing instead of playing golf. Let me stress one point right off the bat, great golf scores are shot by playing golf, not by playing golf swing. Remember this, don’t ever forget it. Golf is scored by getting the golf ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible; it is not scored by how beautiful your technique appears. It is not Olympic aerobics. It is golf. Swing thoughts are thoughts in golfers’ minds while making golf swings. These thoughts vary among golfers; vary in the type of thought, the complexity of thought, and the number of thoughts. I never know what is going to come from golfers’ mouths when I ask them, “What are you currently thinking about when hitting shots?” I have heard golfers say anything from “absolutely nothing” to rattling off 4 or 5 of technical thoughts at once. Before I say anything else, let me reiterate this point, great golf scores are shot by golfers playing golf, not playing golf swing. The best golfers use simple and basic feels, but I assure you, complex thoughts are rare among the world’s best. It is even better on the course to have zero thoughts about the swing, playing using simple visualizations and feels, and embracing your tendencies on that particular day. This being said, there will be times when a swing thought is necessary, this is also a part of golf.


Great golf tip,eh! The moral to the story is keep the swing keys simple and work on your golf swing analysis on the range! I hope this helped…

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