Golf Instruction DVD

Golf Instruction DVD… learn to play golf the simple way

Bobby Eldridge and PurePoint Golf are introducing a new golf instruction dvd that they believe is a better way to teach the game of golf.

PurePoint Golf`s DVDs, #1 golf instruction system online, have taught over 55,000 golfers in 70 countries.

This isn’t, technically, a new golf swing technique.

It’s the same tried and true PurePoint Golf Swing that’s become the most popular, most imitated swing in the golfing world.

What they have done is come up with … a new way of teaching it.

Actually, this is more than just a new DVD. It’s the first demonstration of a brand new way of teaching that they guarantee will … have you hitting straighter, more solid shots with greater distance in just one hour or your money back.

This golf swing technique can solve the seven biggest swing problems (fades, hooks, fat shots, pushing, pulling, topping the ball, and lack of distance) in golf.

Check it out PurePoint`s golf instruction dvd… become your own instructor!

PurePoint Golf 2.0 : Full Swing Lessons DVD

Here`s a sample lesson from Bobby Eldridge…

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