Golf Fitness Tip

Golf Fitness Tip… secrets to getting your lower back stretched out

Today, we have a real easy golf fitness tip for the lower back.

Mike Pedersen, from Perform Better Golf, has a short video, under three minutes, where he explains a system to get the lower back, a common problem area, stretched out. Doing these golf exercises can prevent golfers lower back issues and help us to develop a free flowing golf swing motion.

These exercises are very low stress and impact. Anyone can do them and I`m sure that this golf fitness tip is going to be very helpful to a very large percentage of golfers.

As I am sitting here typing this post, my lower back is getting tight. So, I am going to go watch the video again and get right into the golf stretching exercises.

Hope you enjoy the golf fitness tip video.

PerformBetterGolf.com7 Minutes Golf Stretching DVD

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