Golf Downswing Technique

Golf Downswing Technique… learn to use loft in your pitching… hit down to go up.

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I’m going to get you back on track with your pitching with golf technique and instruction that you’re just going to love. It’s the reason why you need loft, and here’s why.

A lot of you hit a lot of pitch shots that, after it’s in the air, it maybe has 2, 3, 4 feet of loft to it, and when it hits the ground, it takes off running and runs over the green.

A couple of reasons why you struggle with not getting the ball up in the air: Number one, you have to start using your pitching wedge or your sand wedge and your lob wedge, not your 9 iron to chip with. You need a loftier golf club.

Number two, check the ball position. Make sure it’s in the middle of your stance and your weight’s on your left leg.

And lastly, make sure that you start hitting down on the golf ball so it’ll go up.

Some golf technique and instruction advice I have to give you is don’t get all hung up on backspin. Backspin’s great, but would you rather have a golf ball drop straight out of the sky, or a golf ball that had a lot of revolutions going backwards?

I’d like the one that drops straight out of the sky. That will slow down quicker than one with backspin.

So, don’t forget, for more loft put the ball in the middle of your stance with a little weight left. But make sure you use your sand wedge and your loftier club, maybe your loft wedge to pitch with, and not your 9 iron or your pitching wedge. Your pitching wedge is okay, but it’ll go off a little flatter.

And lastly, the golf technique and instruction never to forget is, don’t forget to follow through low, so you can hit down so the ball will go up.

Thanks and have a great day.

Bobby Eldridge is the Head Instructor for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory.

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