Golf Chipping Tips

Golf Chipping Tips… Lower Your Score The Easy Way

I have listed 7 golf chipping tips, in no particular order.

As we know, the fastest way to improve your golf score is to improve your short game.

I will review seven factors to consider when chipping from around the green. The idea is to provide you with an overview to get started with so that you can turn bogeys into pars.

I believe the most important thing with any chip, or any golf shot for that matter, is to hit a crisp shot. You need to get into a position to avoid hitting your chips fat, heavy, skinning, thin, blade, chunk or any other adjective we can find.

Golf Chipping Tips … 7 Factors To Consider

1. What should my weight distribution be?

In order to insure a crisp hit, your weight should be toward your front foot.

2. Where should your hands be?

Again, your hands should be forward in your golf stance. This will, along with the forward weight, will promote a nice crisp hit and prevent fat or thin hits.

3. What kind of lie do you have?

You need to know what kind of shots are possible from your lie. If you have a tight or bad lie, you will be limited as to the type of shots you can hit.

4. What will your lie let you do?

If you have a tight or bad lie, you are not going to be able to hit any flop type shots. You will have to hit more chip and run type shot.

5: Which club are you going to use?

There are different schools of thought on this but, unless you have tons of time to practice, I think the one club idea works best. What you do is pick a club, i.e. pitching wedge or sand wedge, and use that club for all chips. This way you become real proficient with that one club.

6. How far you are going to carry your chip?

You need to choose a spot on the green to land your chip and let it run out to the pin. The conventional wisdom is the less carry and more run the better.

7. Do you take the pin out?
Again, there are different theories but, I say, unless it definitely is going to help you, take it out.

I hope these golf chipping tips help you turn bogeys into pars!

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