Golf Ball Review 2012

 Golf ball review 2012… I`m sure you agree that the right golf ball can help your overall performance on the golf course.

Golf Digest helps us to decide which golf ball fits our golf type… swing speed etc… with this review golf ball review 2012.

They review and rate the different golf balls in three different price ranges, over $38… $25 to $36 and $20 and under.

Here`s the… Golf Ball Review 2012

2012 Hot List: Golf Balls We found 34 balls that stand out. Why should you care? Well, if irons can be designed to address average players’ flaws, balls can be, too.

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My personal favorite is the Bridgestone E5. You can buy the E5 for about $25 per dozen. The E5 has the same playability cover, urethane, as the ProV1. Plus, it helps with launch for the moderate swing speeds. In summary, the E5 won`t break your bank, it will stop on the green for full shots or chips and the average golfer will be helped with getting the ball airborne. I hope the golf ball review 2012 helped!


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