Golf Backswing Tips

Golf Backswing Tips… training tips to improve your backswing.

What are some exercises you can do to improve your golf backswing?

We have an under three minute video with Mike Pedersen,, that has some exercises that will help strengthen our golf backswing.

The obvious advantages of these exercises is to strengthen the muscles necessary to complete and be able to repeat the proper back swing.

Here`s the description of the video:

“Mike Pedersen, Golf Fitness Exercise Trainer, shows simple effective golf stretch to improve golf backswing range of motion. Golf flexibility and stretching that is specific to your backswing will give you the quickest results. Golf training like this done “off the course” will add yards to all your clubs and eliminate aches and pains from the rigors of a round of golf”.

In the video, Mike shows us some simple exercises that can be done indoors (important here in the northeast) or out and will help to build the appropriate golf muscles plus get the stretching in to promote our range of motion. The exercises are done with a dumbbell. We can use whatever weight we are most comfortable with.

Mike does a real good job of explaining the exercise process and how to complete the reps.

These exercises should really improve our strength and flexibility in making a good back swing.

Enjoy the video…

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