Golf Backswing Tips

Golf Backswing Tips… simple exercise to help you complete your backswing

We have some real easy and effective golf exercises.

A problem that many golfers have is the inability to complete their backswing. Their ability, or lack of, to stretch won`t let them turn or reach far enough back to get into a strong and powerful golf position.

Mike Pedersen, from PerformBetter Golf, has a video, of a little over 2 minutes, where he shows us how we can do some exercises for golf that will help us to complete our backswing. These exercises will allow us to get into a power position.

Exercises for your backswing can dramatically improve power and driving distance. Doing golf-specific fitness training like this can literally transform your golf swing.

Mike does an excellent job of demonstrating how the exercises should be performed (he`s in way to good of shape) and explains the benefits of the exercises as he goes along.

This is just another piece in building a complete golf swing. Mike has best selling golf stretching DVD where he shows specific golf exercises.

PerformBetter Golf

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