Dual Hinge Driver

Today, we have part two (of seven) of the Medicus dual hinge driver break point video series, number two is the toe up position.To bring you up to date, the Medicus dual hinge driver is a golf swing training club that obviously has dual hinges. These hinges allow the training club to break down when you don`t follow the correct golf swing path. You can take this golf training aid to the practice range and it will give you immediate feedback if you are not swinging properly. You can hit balls all day long and you will never know what mistakes you are making. With this golf training aid you will know immediately! It may be the best golf swing training aid on the market today.The Medicus swing trainer that can be used indoors or out, at home, on the range, or on the course. It improves all aspects of your swing, from the takeaway to the downswing to the follow through.

There are seven break points in the golf swing that the Medicus dual hinge driver will check for and respond with a hinge break if you make a mistake.

We started with number one, the take away, and are now are up to number two, the toe position.

Here are some common faults that appear in break point #2:

A. Weight transferred to the left instead of the right (reverse pivot).
B. Over-rotation of hands, causing the clubface to travel too far inside.
C. Continuation of B above.
D. Right elbow pushed away from the right hip and the club lifted outside the target line.

Any of these swing faults sound familiar?

In the video below, Beau Rials, Mike Bennett (Medicus Advisor, PGA Tour Instructor), Bob Koch (Inventor of Medicus Dual Hinge Driver) do a real good job of explaining break point #2, make or break points to the golf swing.

There are so many ways that you can use your Medicus dual hinge driver to improve your golf game. Take a look at the video, break point #2 and I look forward to #3.

Dual Hinge Driver

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