Driving The Golf Ball

Driving The Golf Ball… Five Tips To Improve 

There are many factors that go into hitting a good tee shot with the driver. This post, driving the golf ball, will look at five different factors.

As we step to the tee, with our driver or driving club of choice, we need to decide what is the best way to hit our drive in order to maximize our chances of making a par or better. Obviously, if this is our first time on the hole, there will be a lot more new input needed as compared to our home course where we have already processed a lot of this information.

This whole process takes place in a matter of seconds but is very important to our final result, a good or bad drive!

These five driving factors that we are going to review are in no particular order or importance.

Golf Driving Tips … Five Factors To Consider

1. Which side of the tee to tee up from?

If you are going to hit a fade you want to tee up on the right side of the tee and the left side if you are hitting a draw. By doing this, you give yourself the most room to hit your fade or draw. Remember, the golf ball must be between the tee markers but your feet can be outside the tee markers. Also, you can tee up within two club lengths behind the tee markers.

2. Are there any hazards to be aware of?

We need to know what danger might be in front of us. Is there a bunker in play and how far to it and to carry it? Is there a water hazard to be concerned with? If it`s a dogleg, how far to the turn in the dogleg? Maybe, we don`t need a driver to get to our ultimate driving result. In general, we need to do some thinking and just not step up and whack away with the driver.

3. Am I going to hit a fade (slice) or draw (hook)?

Based upon the hole layout, what is the most favorable shot shape, fade or draw. Much of this decision will depend on the length of the hole and the wind conditions, if any. We always want to use the wind to our favor, using a fade or draw to ride the wind on longer holes or keep the ball in play on shorter holes.

4. Which side of the fairway is most favorable?

Where is the best place to come into the green from. An example would be, there is a bunker or water hazard on the left side of the green. So, if we drive the ball down the right side of the fairway, we will not have to carry the bunker or water to get to the green. In general, we want to cut our risk factor any way we can.

5. What am I going to aim at?

This is one that many people forget. They just step up and hit their tee shot in a general direction. We need to choose a specific aiming point. Usually, it will be an object in the distance, such as a tree or other landmark. Many recommend an intermediate aiming point. Which would be a mark on the ground a few feet in front of you. Whatever you do, you need to have a definite aiming point and be totally committed to it.
I hope these five golf driving tips help you to play from the fairway and play better golf.

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