David Leadbetter Pitching Tips

David Leadbetter Pitching Tips… learn how to avoid the dreaded “chili dip”.

David explains how the pitch shot should be the same as the full swing. You must accelerate all the way through the pitch shot. Here is an excerpt from David`s advice.

First, if you are not familiar with David, here`s a Wikipedia introduction

David Leadbetter (born 27 June 1952) is a leading golf instructor, originally from Worthing in England. He began his career on the European and Southern African tours, but had little success as a player. Having an interest in the techniques, mechanics and psychology of the sport he soon moved into instruction and came to wide notice in the 1980s when he rebuilt the swing of Nick Faldo, who then went on to win six major championships.

David Leadbetter Pitching Tips

Whether it’s a short chip or a long drive, you have to accelerate the clubhead through impact on all golf shots. It’s an essential fundamental. Unfortunately, many amateurs fail to do this with their pitch shots, resulting in too much movement of the arms and upper body as they try to scoop the ball into the air (above, left). The pitching motion, even for a short pitch, should be fairly concise, though you accelerate through the strike. A good feeling from a fairly narrow stance is to put the breaks on with the body and arms just past impact. That snaps the clubhead through the hitting area like you’re whipping a towel. So, shorten up your follow-through but keep the clubhead accelerating past impact (above, bottom). Your pitches will improve dramatically.

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David Leadbetter Pitching Tips… pretty simple abvice… makes sense. He taught two of the best ever in Greg Norman and Nick Faldo. It`s always good to go back to the basics and take in a good reminder!

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