Chipping Tips

Chipping Tips… real simple method to improve your chipping and lower your scores.

Today, we are going to visit with Bobby Eldridge, the head pro at PurePoint Golf.

Bobby has a short video, under 4 minutes, where he has some real easy and helpful chipping tips.

The most important thing in golf before hitting any shot is to have a plan for the shot and be totally committed to it. That is true even for chips.

Bobby has some easy chipping tips that you can incorporate into your game very easily. What Bobby suggests is that we use a three club system, 5, 7 and 9, and use the same chipping motion for each club. Varying the club used by the distance to the hole.

Bobby does a good job of explaining this chipping method and you should be able to pick it up with just a little practice.

As you know, the fastest way to lower your golf scores is to save more shots around the green! These chipping tips will help you lower your golf score quickly and make golf a lot more fun.

Watch the video…I think you`ll like it.

PurePoint Golf

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