Best Golf Training Aids

Best Golf Training Aids… groove your swing the right wayThe Medicus swing training club has long been considered one of the best golf training aids.

What makes it one of the best golf training aids is that it gives you instant feedback if you have done something wrong in your golf swing. If you can swing the Medicus without it breaking down you know that you are grooving the correct golf swing.

The Medicus Driver is the most popular of the Medicus clubs. The Medicus Driver improves all aspects of your swing from the takeaway to downswing.

There are seven break points with the Medicus in your golf swing. The first break point is the “take away”.

Below, we have the developers of the Medicus discussing the first break point, the take away.

The video is under two minutes long and does a very nice job of explaining the proper take away and some of things that can go wrong. If you have not seen how the dual hinge system works, I think you will be impressed by how it can help you immediately. And, by the way, you can take the Medicus to the range and hit balls with it.

All of these features combined make the Medicus one of the best golf training aids.

Enjoy the video!

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