How To Add Driving Distance

Here is an article in Golf Digest by noted golf instructor Rick Smith on his thoughts on adding driver distance.

In studying golf’s longest drivers, I found that everyone from Jack Nicklaus in his heyday to Phil Mickelson on the PGA Tour to Jamie Sadlowski in world long-drive competitions all have their own methods for booming it. But then I got to thinking, what if we took the different moves long-ball hitters make to produce powerful tee shots and combine them into one swing? Presto!

Introducing the Megadrive. It’s like that tee shot you hit by accident every once in a while that just goes and goes. Only with the Megadrive, you’ll know why you uncorked it. Assuming you want to pick up 25 or more yards, follow these three steps.

Pre-set a higher launch…

Tee the ball higher than normal. When you rest your driver on the ground, the top half of your ball should be above the top edge of the clubhead. And when you grip the club, your left hand should be rotated clockwise into a stronger position so the crease between your thumb and forefinger points at your right shoulder. Now address the ball so it’s in line with the heel of your front foot, and widen your stance until you feel a noticeable tilt away from the target. These adjustments will help you square the face and sweep the ball off the tee. Think: Stand wider, and tilt the shoulders.

Create more torque and leverage…

As you begin to take the club back, keep your arms really extended and start to hinge your wrists. This will give you a wider swing arc to create more clubhead speed on the way down. Then let your left heel come off the ground. This will help you make a bigger turn and generate more torque. Finally, near the top, push that wrist hinge a little more, so the clubshaft points downward. This extreme wrist set will create a lot of leverage you can transfer into the ball. Think: Swing wide, let the left heel come up, then hinge more.

How To Add Driving Distance



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